Welcome, welcome, welcome!

It wasn’t long after I began treatment for breast cancer in 2007, before I felt called to write about my journey and what I had learned in such a short time about my faith.  Even though my prayer life was very minimal and I didn’t have many conversations with God, it seemed very clear to me that He was laying out His plan for me and I needed to follow His lead.  I began journaling and found a lot of healing in writing my thoughts down.

I felt God was asking me to write a book, which I did.  Mommy’s Hats was published in 2009.  It’s my story, told through my daughter, Sally’s point of view when she was just 4 years old.  I continued to journal and, as time went on, the topic of the journals began to be less about my cancer and more about my growing faith.  Just a couple of months after celebrating 5 years of being cancer free, my husband, Val, was diagnosed with melanoma.  Being the caretaker and having a new perspective on cancer, was the content of my journals at that time.

My writing took yet another turn when my breast cancer returned in 2013, which became stage 4 with it metastasizing to my stomach and bones.  By this time, my deepened relationship with Jesus and His Mother, had given me much more to write about.  Throughout the past eight years, my life experiences have been the backdrop of my writing and reflections on scripture and they continue to inspire me anyone who reads them.

There are many blogs that help people get through difficult experiences.  My hope for this one is to share with you the infinite number of wonderful blessings that I have received and continue to receive.  It’s about God’s gifts to anyone who is open to seeing them in their daily lives.  I hope you enjoy my posts and I hope you are able to relax in His love.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I felt it appropriate to begin blogging today since it is what my life is about.  It’s not that every minute of every day is focused on my breast cancer, but it, and my faith, has definitely shaped me into the person I am today.  Women, please perform self-breast exams and have a mammogram.  I found my tumor early and it possibly saved my life.flowers for art closet 038

3 thoughts on “Welcome, welcome, welcome!

  1. We all journey through life. Each of our lives are filled with twists and turns and cross the paths and follow or lead the paths of many. It is from God’s blessings that we can enjoy every moment in life. Rejoice in family and friends and our abilities.

      1. Thanks, Rhonda, for a beautiful sharing. No one gets to heaven with dry eyes but faith tells us in the Psalms that God gathers our tears in a flask and with them waters the earth. And so literally we can relax in divine love. Sr. Bridget

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