Angels’ Shining Light



Immediately, things like scales fell from his eyes and he regained his sight. He got up and was baptized…and began at once to proclaim Jesus…as the Son of God. (Acts 9 18-20)

How many times have you seen something over and over again, and then one day, the scales fall from your eyes and you see the situation in a totally different light? I call them close moments.

Jesus is the one who “opened” my eyes at Sunday mass, just two days after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  As I looked around the church, something absolutely amazing happened.  As you can imagine, I was still processing the news of my diagnosis and I had many thoughts going through my mind but then, there was a peace that came over me.  There were light beams shining down on the women in our faith community that had gone through breast cancer before me. Literally, light shining on them! And they weren’t sitting by each other, they were scattered around the sanctuary. I looked to see where the sun was located at that time of the morning and it was shining outside but this source of the light was not coming from that sun.  I believe that God sent His angels to point out to me, those women who would be there for me, as I began my journey.  The light was like the flash of light that Saul saw which caused him to fall off his horse. If I was sitting on a horse at that moment, I can surely bet that I would have fallen right off of it, too!  The scales on my eyes did not allow me to see these women before that moment, as breast cancer survivors and certainly, not understanding what they had gone through.  I had been seeing these women, Sunday after Sunday, and some I saw more often, but until I was diagnosed, I had not given them much thought or concern.  I felt and still feel, a little ashamed about that.

When the Holy Spirit filled Saul, he began to turn his life around and as we know, he became one of the greatest apostles.  Without realizing it at that time, The Holy Spirit had opened my eyes and my heart and I began to see life differently.  And, like Saul, I continue to share my commitment to Jesus.

Today, we celebrate the conversion of (Saul) who became St. Paul, one of the most influential Apostles.




2 thoughts on “Angels’ Shining Light

  1. I like this story, Rhonda! I think that’s the way it is with most things we go through. We never understand it as well until we are going through it ourselves. Thank God for those angels leading the way!

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