Stations of the Cross

So, how did you do on Wednesday?  Did you go to mass?  Did you have ashes placed on your forehead?  Did you wear your ashes with pride for the Catholic Church?

If you still need some ideas of what or who to pray for, let me offer some more for you:

  1. There are families that have lost a loved one.  You can pray for peace and comfort for them.  You can also pray for the soul of the departed so they can make it to heaven.
  2. Many Christians are murdered just for following Christ.  You can pray for those who have been martyred and pray for those who have murdered them.
  3. We all have family and friends who have left the church and may want to return but need a little encouragement.  Pray that the Holy Spirit touches their heart and empowers them to come back to our church and community.
  4. This is an easy one.  Every time someone comes to mind, say a quick prayer for them.  Something as simple as, “Jesus, bless ________today.”

Every Friday during Lent, you can walk with Jesus through the stations of the cross at many Catholic Churches.  I invite you to attend this most moving experience. Every year, even though the same words are read, something new touches my heart because I am in a different place in my faith journey.  Jesus is helping me to see how my faith and relationship with Him is growing with each step I take with him.



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