Forty Days in the Desert

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Luke 4:1-13

Filled with the Holy Spirit, Jesus returned from the Jordan and was led by the spirit into the desert for forty days, to be tempted by the devil. 

If you think about it, our ‘forty days’ can actually be called, “365 days in the desert.”  Everyday, we are tempted, even in the smallest of choices that we make.  When we make decisions to make ourselves happy without considering what God wants us to do, we need to repent. The devil and our culture want us to turn away from God and make sure WE are being taken care of, instead of putting others’ needs before ours.  That is what Jesus chose when the devil tempted Him.  Each time, Jesus chose love over temptation.  And He still chooses love, every single time.

And speaking of love today is my husband Val’s (Valentine) name day, St. Valentine’s Day.  St. Valentine believed in love and when marriages were forbidden in Rome, he secretly married couples.  He was killed for doing so, even though his life could have been spared. He chose love.

Did you make it to mass today?  If not, there is still time to find a mass in a neighboring parish!  Did you decide to sleep in because you had a long day yesterday? Satan wants us to miss mass and he will give us many excuses as to why NOT to go, but you have to be stronger than he is.  Becoming aware that you are being tested is a big step in making great choices!

Make a goal this week to keep your eyes open to the temptations that Satan is placing before you and make a conscious effort to just say, “NO!”

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