Happy Spring!


The first day of spring is always very special to me.  I love seeing new life sprouting up through the dead leaves in my garden.  It is so symbolic of what is about to happen in just a few days: Jesus rising from the dead!  I was outside yesterday and I noticed my irises peeking through and it warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face.  I just can’t wait to start cleaning away the remnants of last year’s beauty to allow the new life that God is giving me, to have room to grow and bloom.  There is still time to get rid of your old hurts and sins and allow the love and light of Jesus to fill your “garden” with new life.  You can do this by receiving the sacrament of reconciliation.  Please don’t be afraid of going.  Jesus LOVES us going to him to ask for forgiveness.  Cleanse your soul as you prepare for the Triduum.

My grandma Dora Kaiser’s birthday is on the first day of spring, which is another reason to make me smile.  Grandma lived in a Quonset home, just down the hill from us, most of her life after mom and dad bought the house that Grandma’s parents built in 1914.  I spent a lot of time with grandma has a child and have wonderful memories of her.  She had a big garden and there were ground cherries that grew wildly in it.  I think of the children’s book called, “Blueberries for Sal” when I remember eating more ground cherries and I collected.  Ground cherries grow on vines that spread across the ground.  The cherries grow with the translucent pocket that almost looks like a flower.  We can tell that the ground cherries are ripe by the thinness the shell the best tasting cherries are the ones that have turned from looking like a green pea to a Golden Ball of yumminess!

Amazingly, mom and dad still have while ground cherries going around the front door of their house; through the rock landscaping and there are even some that have broken through the blacktop driveway.

I wish I could have Grandma here to ask questions and learn from her great wisdom. She passed away just months before Val and I married.  I really wish I could talk with Grandma about her faith.  She went to Fish Lake Emmanuel Lutheran Church where she was very active and she would make the banners that hung in church. We attended sunrise service on Easter Sunday a few times with Grandma. I really don’t know much about her faith except that she was very devoted to it.  I look forward to a great conversation with her when I get to heaven.

Grandma gave me a necklace for my First Communion and I wore it for many years, most of those years as an adult.  It was an oval, silver medal with tiny scalloped edges.  It had a pearl-like disk on it and a silver cross on top of it.  I bought a nice silver chain and wore grandma’s gift from over 40 years ago until the charm finally wore so thin and weak that it broke.  It now holds a special place in my jewelry box, but always in my heart.

Happy birthday Grandma!

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