Fast Food or Soul Food?

Who doesn’t drive through a fast food restaurant at some time during the week, when schedules get crazy trying to get a child from one activity to the next or to make that last minute meeting with a client?  I admit I love my McDonald’s french fries!  We do it because we don’t have time to make a meal at home or are away from home for an extended period of time.  We do it because we need something to eat FAST and something to satisfy our physical hunger.  But, we get hungry again in a few hours, so we eat again.  This cycle goes on day after day.  We need to be fed to keep our bodies working in proper order.  So, how do we keep our faith working in proper order?  How is our soul being fed?

We feed our soul by receiving Christ in the Holy Eucharist.  Each time we do, we are sharing a meal with Jesus, just as he did with his disciples.  Today’s gospel (John 21:1-19) tells the story of Jesus standing along the shore, inviting the disciples to try catching some fish by casting the nets over their boat one more time.  Once they realized it was the risen Christ speaking to them, they trusted in his goodness and their nets were full of fish for them all to eat.

After their meal together, Jesus asked Simon Peter three times, “Do you love me?”  “Of course, I love you!” was Peter’s reply each time.  Jesus then asked Peter to “Feed my lambs,” “tend my sheep”, and “feed my sheep.”  By doing this, Jesus was asking Peter to pass on the love Jesus had for the world by taking care of his lambs and sheep.

Jesus is asking us to do the same thing, take care of our neighbors, our friends, our family.  He is also asking us to take care of ourselves.  By receiving Him in the Holy Eucharist, Jesus remains in us and feeds our souls and give us the strength to do his work.  It will also give us the strength to do things we think that we cannot possibly do.

So, do you want to be fed temporarily or eternally?






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