An anniversary to share

mary faded 1st time
mary changed 1st time
back to darker blue
almosts completely white
pink with blue/green tinge


One year ago today, I was in my bedroom and I noticed that the deep turquoise color of my statue of Mary looked like it had faded.  As I walked closer, I could barely believe my eyes, she HAD faded to a soft, mint color (first photo).  I brought her out of the bedroom and set her on our kitchen table.  She almost matched the color of our kitchen wall.  I took a picture of her on my phone and instantly sent a text to Ashley.  Ashley witnessed Mary’s first color change from pink to blue and now I was witnessing another color change!  I was stunned!  I didn’t know what to think but it was amazing!  I placed Mary back on my nightstand and continued throughout the day, constantly thinking about our Blessed Mother and trying to figure out what had happened.  Later that evening, when Val and I were talking about the statue, I checked her, and she was back to her bright blue again! (second photo)  Of course, I took another picture and sent it to Ashley.  That conversation, via texts, was quite filled with exclamation points!

What was Mary trying to tell me?  I don’t know and I still don’t.  I just enjoy knowing that she is so close to me and guiding my days.  Mary continues to change colors in no particular pattern, and I have taken over a hundred pictures of her and her many shades.  One day, she was almost completely white (third photo).  It looked like just a coating of glitter was covering the white resin material that I think she is made of.  That day was the first day of the 33 Days to Morning Glory retreat that I was leading, and I tried to reason that she was telling me that she will be with our group throughout the retreat.  Cool, I thought.  I began taking a picture of her next to my clock, so I would have a reference as to what time of the day it was.  Mary remained white throughout all of the day on Saturday and into Sunday; the longest that she stayed a different color, other than blue. But, after church on Sunday, she was no longer white.  The moment that I wondered would ever happen, happened.  Mary was PINK!  (fourth photo) She was a soft, baby pink and I took her out to the living room to show Val and it was the first time I was brought to tears over this amazing experience. (I’m tearing up right now.)  When Ashley received that picture, she replied that Mary was almost the shade of pink that Ashley remembers her being when she purchased her on December 8, 2014 (the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes).  The words that came to my mind were, “I can’t believe this!”  But, that’s not true.  I DO believe it!  I don’t understand it, but I believe it!

Four hours later, Mary was back to blue again!  And, she remains blue most often, although she has been different shades of that blue.  She’s also been white again, pink several times and even a tinge of purple! I find myself checking in on her so often now.  When I wake up in the morning, one of the first things I do is to look at Mary and see what color she is.

Again, I don’t know what Mary’s plan is for me and what she wants me to do with this, but I’m praying that I can recognize what she places before me and follow through with what I am supposed to do.


One thought on “An anniversary to share

  1. Rhonda, I always love hearing about your “miraculous” Mary statue! Wonderful blessings for you and others… It seems to me Mary is trying to get everyone to pay more attention to her and to messages she has already given. Your statue has me reading and paying more attention to what she is asking of God’s people. Thank you!

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