St Joachim and St Anne


joachim and anne

Today is the feast of Sts Joachim and Anne, the parents of our Blessed Mother Mary.  It’s also known as the Feast of Grandparents.

Very little is known about Mary’s childhood but we can tell by her life, the few mentions of her in the bible, that she came from a close knit family with strong devotion to prayer.  Her parents instilled in her the ability to be open to God’s plan and the amazing courage and grace she received to offer her total committed “yes” to Him.  Her steadfast faith allowed her to remain true to her word, all the way to her son’s cross and beyond.

How many generations before Jesus, were those character building qualities instilled?  Many, I’m sure.  How about your grandparents?  Do you remember what parts of their faith were instilled into your parents and then, on to you?  Maybe it skipped your parents and you picked it up from how your grandparents lived their faith.  Maybe both.  If you are blessed to have living grandparents, ask them questions about their faith and see how far back they can remember.  Going to church and living their faith was most likely very different than how you live your faith today. Grandparents have so much wisdom, simply by living longer than we have, which means that God has been working on them longer and they want to share that wisdom with you.  Someday, you may be a grandparent.

What will you want to instill in your grandchildren?

One thought on “St Joachim and St Anne

  1. Thanks, Rhonda for another heartwarming post. Grandparents’ love and love of God is so important. And it is a blessing to be given grandchildren to share God’s love with them. Like the Trinity – His circle of Life and Love.

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